Never heard of Walltech climbing?


Yes, you have. You have definitely already climbed a wall we took part in during the construction. Ever heard of BigWall in Prague, Raiffeisen Vertikal/DAV Kletterzentre Waldraiburg or even the SBB Kletterzentre in Dresden? See? Told you!

Who we are?

Walltech climbing has two main characters - Tomáš Sladek who is the chief direktor and chief designer and Katerina Antalovská who is responsible for sales and maintaining all administrative matters around your orders.

Our beginnings

No climbing and bouldering wall matters are new to us. Tomas started his work career in 2009 for the Czech wall distributor TR-walls where he first started working as a designer and later on he started getting into the more technical side such as the construction and construction. Since 2014 Tomas started working as a co-worker on the lose blades.

  • Year 2012 was a year of new discoveries such as new board sheathing surfaces and the production technologies together with construction on the spot were also completely transformed. Since this year the boards are cut with the CNC sawmill and gradually glazed which N means no more painting and sandblasting on the spot for us. All material now arrives completely ready and neatly stored in pallets. The constructing process obviously changed too. The desks are fitted and then… that’s a know how we’re not allowed to share. Sorry!
  • The new surface and construction technology were first used for the Blockhelden bouldering wall in Erlangen, Germany. The next projects to be finished with this surface were the BigWall in Prague, HUDY in Brno and of course Boulderhalle ROCK INN in Würzburg.

Kateřina started working for TR-walls as a merchant on lose blades in 2010 and has focused her interests in business development across Germany and Austria. Her first successful deal was an indoor bouldering wall in Imst followed by the Blockhelden bouldering wall in Erlangen or the indoor and outdoor DAV Kletterhalle wall renovation in Augsburg.











In May 2015 we decided to fully separate ourselves and founded our own climbing and bouldering wall company Walltech climbing Ltd.


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As the technology improvement keeps growing and there will always be something to work on, we keep on improving the board processing to provide the best technologies and customer service for you.