• I would like to build a climbing or bouldering wall, but I’m not sure if the space is appropriate.
    In general, the ideal bouldering wall height is at least 6m.
    Speaking of climbing walls, at least 10-16m are necessary.

  • I have found an ideal place for my bouldering or climbing wall. What do I do next?
    Send us the layout plan, even drawn by hand, with all dimensions and with a short comment on the profile resolution. Then we will get back to you instantly to discuss the following steps.
  • How long does it take to create the design?
    Generally, the creation of a decent draft is a matter of at least 2 months. Receiving a rough draft either by hand or created with a Sketch up program also helps a lot. It is the best way to introduce us your idea.
  • Are you able to build a design that has already been created by someone else?
    Sure, hand it over and we’ll let you know your possible production and construction price range.
  • My bouldering/climbing has seen better days. Are you able to replace only some parts?
    No problem. We can just replace the old boards or create a completely new profile.
  • How long is it going to take?
    It all depends on the extent of the wall and shape difficulties. Non-gallery walls with intermidiate difficulties are around 500m2/month, gallery walls add a few days on top.
  • How much is it going to cost?
    The price for 1m2 depends on the designed shape difficulty and the surface dimensions. Therefore, the final price is always individual in connection with the current project.
  • Is there any possible way I could help with the construction?
    Unfortunately, the sheeting construction is not an IKEA cupboard you could build by heart, and to manage putting all particular odds and ends together you would have to attend our training courses. However, you can give us a hand with the material transfer or by making our day with a nice morning coffee and biscuits.
  • What do you use for the construction?
    For over hangings under 3m we use the combination of wooden and steel constructions and with over 3m overhangs we go for the steel option. It all depends on the statics, e.g. outdoor environment allows us to use all-steel, galvanised constructions.
  • How do I maintain the surface?
    Our surfaces are mostly chemical agent, gasoline and thinner resistant. For getting rid of magnesium and rubber we suggest using Benky Grip Wash.
  • The bouldering/climbing wall is ready. What’s next?
    On your request we are able to find you a group of skilled internationally licenced holdsetters who will help you choose the right holds.
    According to the norm EN 12 572 you, as a climbing wall operator, are obligated to have the wall checked each year, which we can also offer.
  • What are the communication possibilities?
    We speak German and English, Czech also. During the contract we regularly communicate via emails or mobile phone and we will also reach you in person.